Who can view public dashboards

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Who can view public dashboards
Hi ,

I configured a dashboard and made it public. Then signed out and entered the link to the dashboard in the browser. However I cannot see the dashboard without logging in. Is this intended? And what does public mean then?

My version is dss 4.0.1 free edition.
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This is normal behaviour, public means visible to other users that have access to the project.

Please note this is only of use in a collaborative install with multiple users, which is not the case of the free edition.
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Community Manager


You can define different rights for your groups of users. Example (DSS 4.0):

"Public" means that the dashboard is listed in the dashboard tab.

"Private" means that the dashboard is not listed to other users, only for the current user.

Note that dashboards / user rights are not available in the Free Edition.

Jeremy, Product Manager at Dataiku
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