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Using Global Tag Categories

Using Global Tag Categories

How are you using Global Tag Catagories.

I'd like to invite folks to share the Global Tag Catagories you are using with DSS.

I'm particularly interested in the semantic ideas you are including in Tags.

I've seen in the documentation two general ideas for tags.

  1. Departments
    1. For example, Marketing, IT, Finance, Data Science...
  2. The "Stage" of the object in the flow.
    1. For example, data acquisition, ETL, ML Model, Data out put, Reporting...

I'm trying to figure out what the designers of the feature had in mind for this feature, and how folks are actually using the Tags and Tag Catagories.

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I was considering a Tage Catagory around the level of development for a particular feature of a project

  1. Status
    1. Experimental
    2. Under Development
    3. Testing
    4. Ready for Deployment
    5. In Production Use
    6. Sunsetting
    7. Archive

However, this list seems to overlap with Project Statuses.  

The header of a "Test_Project" showing the git branch, Empty Tag List, and Project StatusThe header of a "Test_Project" showing the git branch, Empty Tag List, and Project StatusI'm wondering where one sets the Project Statuses as well?


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Dataiker Alumni

Well I can tell you what the designers of the feature had in mind.

An international company wanted to tag every project with a division and a country as part of their compliance regs. It was important the tagging was done correctly.

Before global tags, achieving  consistency of tagging across projects required discipline and good spelling.

We saw global tags as a simple enhancement  that could simplify tagging in a wider range of use cases at the dataset and recipe level. Something much simpler than using custom metadata.



Thanks for that insight.  That is helpful to understand the original intent.  And thank you for the help with the data entry reliability.  Typos can be the worst when it comes to Text fields.

That said I would still love to hear from others about how they are using the feature, and why using this feature.


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A further question - is it possible to make selecting a tag mandatory? My use case is for tagging the confidentiality of a project.