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Send Email Scenario (to a distribution list)

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Send Email Scenario (to a distribution list)


I am trying to use the email scenario to send a report to an email distribution list (an outlook distribution list)-- however it is not able to send.


The Distribution list is in the Recipients section-- and my email is in the "Sender" section. 

I can email the distribution list outside of dataiku (though regular outlook) -- but the message does not send when I use the email alert scenario within dataiku. 

Has anyone worked through something similar?  Has anyone successfully used Dataiku's email alert scenario to send a report to a distribution list?




Operating system used: windows

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From the details provided, the distribution list is set up in Outlook. The DSS won't have access to that. To send emails to multiple recipients from the scenario, you would need to provide a comma-separated list of the recipients. Also, you can setup a project variable that will contain the comma-separated list or the emails and use the variable in the "Recipients" field:

Screenshot 2022-10-01 at 09.47.12.png



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