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Run .exe executable file from Dataiku DSS on Remote Windows Server through SSH connection

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Run .exe executable file from Dataiku DSS on Remote Windows Server through SSH connection


Is it possible to run .exe file on remote windows server when an activity is triggered in dataiku.
I was thinking using SSH connection.

On theory, SSh enable user to run exe from Linux to Windows with this command

ssh user@hostwindows calc.exe : this command from linux can run calculator on remote windows server.

I was thinking I will wrap that ssh command over python and run with scenarios within dataiku.
I only try using ! on jupyter notebook to process this

!ssh user@hostwindows calc.exe

but i don't know how to input the password. i also tried subprocess.

My question is 

1. how to run command from dataiku like ssh user@hostwindows calc.exe

2. is there any way I can run exe from dataiku dss?

Thank you, your help will be much appreciated



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You may want o look at  or

Add one of those libraries to the code environment and execute a recipe based on those.

If you do want to use SSH you can as long as the Windows Server is running SSH. It's best to avoid having to enter passwords in scripts.  Instead, create an SSH key on the DSS server and add the public key to authorized_keys on the Windows server.

Then you can issue the ssh command using subprocess, os command using ssh -i /path/.ssh/key_name username@host  to initiate the password-less connection. 



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Thank you! yes i will try that out, i was thinking about that too. But, I don't have the access to the dataiku dss root folder where dataiku is installed, it's managed by our clients IT team.

I might have to ask for that permission. 
Thank you!

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