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Run a recipe using Dataiku API

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Run a recipe using Dataiku API


I am new in using Dataiku API. I tried some simple examples such as create dataset, delete dataset and so on. Also I found one of your examples that creates Python recipe and sets inputs and outputs

from dataikuapi import GroupingRecipeCreator
builder = GroupingRecipeCreator('test_group', project)
builder = builder.with_input("input_dataset_name")
builder = builder.with_new_output("output_dataset_name", "hdfs_managed", format_option_id="PARQUET_HIVE")
builder = builder.with_group_key("quantity") # the recipe is created with one grouping key
recipe =

Basically object builder helps to create a recipe. But is there any way to run a recipe? Or is it only possible to run this in Dataiku manually?

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Hi Povilas,

The philosophy of running a flow of datasets, recipes and models in Dataiku revolves around the concept of Job and Scenario. In the API, you do not run a Recipe but rather build its output, either using a Job or a Scenario.

If you plan on using different elements of the API to create a Dataiku project, test it and automate it, I would advise:

1. Creating the datasets, recipes and models using, and

2. Build/train some datasets/models by launching Jobs building the outputs(s) of the recipe:

3. Create a scenario to automate the update of datasets and models:

In general, it may be faster to use the interface to initialize a "template project", including scenarios. Then copy this template several times with some programmatic changes using the API.

Hope it helps,


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