Revoke access for users to plugin recipe code

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Revoke access for users to plugin recipe code

Hi All,

I have developed a plugin by converting a existing python recipe into plugin. That python code contains a curl command which contains a superuser token. The superuser token is highly confedential and I dont want any users to have a look at it. So since the code is inside the plugin .py file and anyone can open that plugin code file, I want a way so that either user cannot have access to that plugin or I was also wondering If i can keep the superuser token in some csv file and read it into the plugin. Anyway that csv file can be locked to restricted from user to see the data.

any leads will be helpful. Thank you.

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Hi @dataiku_buddy,

Only admins can install new plugins and only users with the “Develop plugins” permission can edit or develop new plugins within the DSS instance. In other words, non-admins should not be able to view plugin code -

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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