Retaining Dataiku format in Excel extracts

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Retaining Dataiku format in Excel extracts

Hi all -

Is there a way to retain the exact formatting of fields in Dataiku when you export the data to excel?  For example, I have a field called "Cost" and am using the format function to give it two decimal places, like 25.00.  However, when I run the Prepare recipe and export it to Excel, the value is only showing up as 25.

In another field, I also have values that are a mix of numeric and alphanumeric that I'm storing as a string in Dataiku, but when I export it to Excel it is formatting the numeric values as numbers as opposed to text.  Is there a way to have all these values be formatted as text when exporting to excel?

I've attached some screenshot examples here.  Thanks so much for any help!


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Hi @aazariaz ,

concerning forcing Excel to view numeric values as text @tgb417  suggested using an ' as prefix to these values, excel will view them as text then. As i need some extra clarity there i use a prefix-z instead of Tom's suggestion.

With the formatting-challenge i cannot be of help as in my work process all formatting is done in excel when the end product is in excel-format. 


@aazariaz ,

If you want to get into coding your own MS Excell export in a Python recipe.  You might be able to use some features of Pandas to do this work.

One of the lovely things about Dataiku DSS is when you hit a wall.  You can almost always code your way around the problem.