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Rebuild/Refresh Snowflake Database in Scenario

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Rebuild/Refresh Snowflake Database in Scenario


I use Dataiku with Snowflake. 

My Project Flow is the same as the picture below. (Sample)

제목 없음.png

Next is Scenario Python Script.

제목 없음.png

When Scenario works, I want to refresh/rebuild 'TRAFFIC' data in Snowflake Database.

How do I make Script??

Thank you.

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Hi @DaeWangIma ,
Since the traffic dataset is a input dataset this is "refreshed" everytime you read it again from a dependent recipe.

What you can do here is do a recursive build via the scenario. 
You can start the scenario based on SQL trigger for example to identify if the underlying data changed then re-run the scenario

You don't need to include custom python step a simple dataset build recursively should do the trick of any of the dependent datasets in the right of your flow.


Hope that helps!

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