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Postgis functions, ST_SetSRID and ST_MakePoint and similar

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Postgis functions, ST_SetSRID and ST_MakePoint and similar


I'm trying to create source datasets by custom query, including Postgis function.


ST_SetSRID and ST_MakePoint, and similar

I can't find a way to make it work

I keep getting message "function XXXXXX doesn't exist"

When checking Postgis in configuration panel everything seems OK.


Are those functions not supported?

Am I doing something wrong ?

Best regards

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The error indicates that PostGIS is not installed in your database. DSS can access and submit commands to database, but it doesn't manage it. You will need to install PostGIS on your database. Checking PostGIS in connection settings does not install PostGIS, this only shows which database has PostGIS.


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