Perform routine cleanup on Kerberos logins cache

Perform routine cleanup on Kerberos logins cache

Hello Community, 

I am looking for a confirmation of understanding the log file correctly.

An user was analysing the log file and thought that the 'action' took much time: 

[Kerberos logins cache timer] [INFO] [dip.krb.login.cache]  - Perform routine cleanup on Kerberos logins cache (0 logins active)

In the attached log-file this line was repeated about 70 times.

However, my idea/understanding is that the actual SQL (pipeline) Query, which was fired upon the SQL server, did take approximate 6 hours to complete and during those hours, DSS does a routine check every 5 minutes, to see if the SQL Query already had any result.

Hope someone can confirm my understanding.

Thanks in advance, 

Marc Robert

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As you correctly noted, DSS is simply waiting for the query to execute on the database side. Dataiku is not actually "checking every 5 minutes", it's directly waiting for the driver to return results.

The Kerberos login cache cleanup happens in a background thread and does not interfere nor slow down the query. It is instantaneous

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