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Partitioned datasets with a SQL Server backing store

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Partitioned datasets with a SQL Server backing store


We're currently on DSS 8.03 and use SQL Server as our backing store.

We have some flows that would benefit from partitioning, but when I create a partitioned dataset, it appears in DSS as a partitioned table, allows me to run jobs as partitioned and all appears to be fine from the front end. However, the backend SQL Server table appears to be a normal, unpartitioned table. Is there an extra setting that needs to be enabled to create partitioned tables on SQL Server via DSS?

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DSS datasets can only be backed by a single table. There is no way to dispatch across multiple smaller tables via DSS partitioning.

SQL Server may have the ability to have a virtual table over several partitioned table (I think it may be done on the database directly via filegroups), but that would be done outside of DSS.

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