Overview of all running jobs

Overview of all running jobs

Hello Community, 

Is it possible to get an overview of all running jobs?

Is it possible by checking the internal metrics dss_jobs and then filtering on state empty?

This seems to provide an overview of all jobs running.

However, for example, if the job is partitioned, is it also possible to see all the sub-jobs running?

Another topic where this might be interesting is when using python and multiple threads are run in parallel.

In general, what I am looking for is the Dataiku equivalent of the linux command "top".


Thank in advance

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In the Administration > Monitoring section, you'll find a tab with Running Background Tasks that gives you info on running webapp backends, jobs / scenarios, and open notebook sessions. 

I'm not very familiar with the "top" command so that may not cover 100% of what you're looking for but still helpful.

Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 13.04.06.png


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