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New Project using Dataiku

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New Project using Dataiku

Hello, I am not able to see New project button on Dataiku homepage, Since today is my first day using Dataiku, Please help by putting screenshots if possible..Thanks in advance..

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Hi @DeveshSingh96,

It looks like you don't have the ability to create a new Project. You need to reach out to your DSS Admin and check if your user/group has "Create projects" permission.

There is another posibility. The administrator may have removed permissions from users to create projects in the root folder. So if you see any other folders in your home page click on the folder name and if you have permissions to create a project there then the NEW PROJECT button will be enabled. Unfortunatelly it's not possible for Dataiku Admins to default the user's folder to something else other than the root  folder hence why this problem occurs.