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Logging information in API Deployer

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Logging information in API Deployer

Hi All,

I had few questions regarding logging process in DSS API deployer -

1. Are the logs of API runs (process started, payload, response etc.) captured in DSS API Deployer? If so, where can we find those logs?

2. Is there any API available which can be used to retrieve above logs information from DSS API Deployer?



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Hi Anish,

When using API deployer to deploy endpoints to API node there are two main locations where you can find related logs:

run/backend.log - contains information about API deployer whenever you create or update a deployment.

run/apimain.log - contains information about queries being sent to the API 


On the design node you can use the following API to access the logs:


For audit and query logging you may either reconfigure the default log4j properties or add logging to Kafka as described here:



Andrey Avtomonov
R&D Engineer @ Dataiku
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