Log Resource Usage Explanation

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Log Resource Usage Explanation

I noticed that in the Python recipe log, there are resource logs as follows: 

[07:55:28] [DEBUG] [dku.resource] - Process stats for pid 2770: {"pid":2770,"commandName":"/dataiku/code-envs/python/VMI-DELMAN-37/bin/python","cpuUserTimeMS":144050,"cpuSystemTimeMS":16100,"cpuChildrenUserTimeMS":0,"cpuChildrenSystemTimeMS":0,"cpuTotalMS":160150,"cpuCurrent":1.002,"vmSizeMB":22561,"vmRSSMB":17991,"vmHWMMB":17991,"vmRSSAnonMB":17924,"vmDataMB":19758,"vmSizePeakMB":22561,"vmRSSPeakMB":17991,"vmRSSTotalMBS":1539030,"majorFaults":367,"childrenMajorFaults":0}

This seems to occur repeatedly and appears to be the reason for the slow process. Can someone explain what this is, why it shows up, and what I need to know based on this log? Thanks in advance.

Operating system used: Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops

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Hi @ingkafi,

The line you pasted here is a compute resource usage reporting item. DSS creates and emits Compute Resource Usage items (CRU). A CRU represents a granular usage of one compute resource within a specific context (ref: https://doc.dataiku.com/dss/latest/operations/compute-resource-usage-reporting.html)

CRU reporting would not be the reason for a slow process. Could you please provide more information on what your recipe is doing and any other relevant contextual info?



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