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Loading JSON from the server

Loading JSON from the server


in a python notebook, when loading a json file from the server (that is not on my machine) :

my_dataset = pd.read_json('../../../../analysis-data/VIDEO_RECOM/2017/06/0100/0_994040f2066440ca8182cc687c322fd2_1.json')

I get the following error: 

IOError: [Errno 21] Is a directory: '../../../../analysis-data/VIDEO_RECOM/2017/06/0100/0_994040f2066440ca8182cc687c322fd2_1.json'

In the same way, when using the interface for creating new datasets, with Filesystem, filesystem_root, it seems that the file is not recognised as a json.

On the other hand, when loading the file locally I don't get any problem.


Many thanks in advance.


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