Jupyter Notebook runs, but code recipe fails

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Jupyter Notebook runs, but code recipe fails

Hi there, 

I have created a Python code recipe that is using some stored Dataiku credentials. The code runs fine when editing in Jupyter Notebook, but fails when running the code recipe. Why would the one succeed and the other fail? It is the same code using the same code environment.

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One thing coming to my mind is the problem could be with the input.
Check how it is stored in your project, sometime, my custom recipes doesn't work when I the input or the output is not stored as intended.

Hope it will help a bit.


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@ErikaScholtz ,
Name or Service unknown may suggest a DNS issue wherever this recipe is running.

Is both your Notebook and Recipe running locally or containerized?
Are they using the same code env.
Perhaps there is a DNS issue within local or containerized environment. 

We may be able to assist further if you share the errors from the logs or open a support ticket.