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Is it possible to integrate mail server

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Is it possible to integrate mail server
Dear all,

Is it possible to integrate an SMTP mail server with dataiku?

Kind regards,

Tony R
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Yes, go to Administration > Settings > Notifications&Integrations.

Add a SMTP messaging channel, that you can then use to send various notification emails from DSS, and to send notifications at the end of scenarios.
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After adding the connection, how can i use it to send emails?

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Dataiker Alumni

@mmamdouh Steps on utilizing the Mail Reporter can be found here: 

I hope this helps!

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is there a way to find out how to configure a microsoft Exhange server to the mail service?

how to find the host, information, etc..



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Every Exchange server uses an SMTP server. Speak to your Exchange Server admin and ask them what SMTP server you can use. 

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