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Importing Mlflow Experiment into DataIKU DSS

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Importing Mlflow Experiment into DataIKU DSS

Well, I am new to DataIKU, however I would still like to import a mlflow saved mode to DataIKU DSS. I am looking for an easy to use reference because the documentation is quite complex. I am also getting a lot of errors while using that.

One of the error that I am facing is mentioned below:

I don't have admin rights to make these changes. Please suggest a solution


Web capture_13-2-2024_124726_dssportaldataedhp.bigdata.intraorange.jpeg

Operating system used: Windows 10

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Could you please provide a sample project in which the error occurs, as well as the MLFlow and DSS versions you're using? We'll look into this 🙂


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Also please provide your full code snippet using a code block (the </> icon in the toolbar). Thanks

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