Identify lines based on partition variable

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Identify lines based on partition variable

I'm creating datasets based on files in a S3 bucket.

The files in the bucket are in a single folder, but have several name patterns, such as "blue_01012017.csv", "red_02012017.csv", etc.

Using partitioning, I have defined "blue", "red", etc. as a partition variable called "source". This information is not included in the data itself.

What I want to do is either :

- directly split my dataset based on that "source" value

- or include a "source" column in my dataset that would have the appropriate value for each line, based on the file it came from, so I can split it later based on that value.

I can't seem to find a way to do this, can you help?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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It is indeed not currently possible to retrieve the source partition as a value inside the data.

You can however achieve the split with multiple sync recipes that only select a single input partition using partition dependencies:

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Thanks Clément, it does the trick perfectly !
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