How to retrieve deleted recipes?

How to retrieve deleted recipes?

I removed a recipe by mistake, is it still possible to retrieve it?

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Hi Nicolas,

There is no way to cancel a delete operation in DSS (as of version 2.1).

However, the DATA_DIR/config directory is versioned with git. At your own risk, with the command line, you could try to restore a previous configuration.

Jeremy, Product Manager at Dataiku
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As said by Jeremy, DSS stores all configuration modifications in an internal git repository. This repository is not exposed in the GUI. Everything that follows is not officialy supported, so before touching anything in the git repository, backup the DATA_DIR.

Any intervention on this git repository should be done with DSS stopped. If things go wrong, you must restore the DATA_DIR from the above backup.

Alternatively, you could try this read-only (and thus safer) access to the git repository, to display the code this recipe used:

cd DATA_DIR/config
git log
# look for the sha1 of the commit which deleted the recipe, for instance “commit 424242424242”
# Quit this display by typing “q”
git show --name-only 42424242 # where 42424242 is the beginning of above commit sha1
# note the .py file containing the python code to recover, for instance projects/FOO/recipes/
git show 42424242^:projects/FOO/recipes/
# mind the starting circumflex: it asks git to look for this file in commit just before deletion

This displays the deleted code. It should now be straightforward to recreate the recipe and copy paste the code.

Hope this helps,

Jean-Baptiste Rouquier

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How do you access this shell? I used a Notebook to cd into the config folder but the git log command does not work. ( I'm attempting to retrieve a 'Custom Plugin' that I deleted )
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I am raising this again in 2019, now it is possible to return this just go to the applied steps, click on the unique ID of the step and click retrieve this.
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2023 update:

GO to your homepage project , in version control and there you will get all changes . Like deleted recipes , datasets . Redo by code again , because there are some conflicts with reverting the changes from there.



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