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How to determine if column has certain values

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How to determine if column has certain values

I have 25 columns and I would like to arrange them so that if for example any of the 25 columns contains string 0d45, a new column LABELS will have the value SG or string 0f34 will have the value DS in the LABELS column. Is there a way to do this? Is it similar to concatenating columns in excel? I also have the labels column values stored in a worksheet. Would that be useful in this scenario? 

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Welcome to the Dataiku community.

From your description, I’m not completely clear that I understand your use case. 
That said I’m wondering if the visual recipe fold and unfold function might be of help to you. These are sort of like pivot and up pivot functions you might see elsewhere.

If this clue does not help.  I’d invite you to share a specific example of some sample data showing what the data looks like before and after the transformation you are trying to achieve.  

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