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How to deal with "Processor FillEmptyWithComputedValue is not available"?

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How to deal with "Processor FillEmptyWithComputedValue is not available"?


While doing the median imputation for missing values, DSS is showing this message: 

Processor FillEmptyWithComputedValue is not available in DSS engine

Does this mean, I'll have to do the imputation in the notebook and not directly in the prepare recipe?



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the Prepare recipe is almost entirely a row-by-row affair, so it doesn't blend well with computing things like a median, which take many rows into consideration. You can

- run the Prepare recipe using Spark (or SQL if the input dataset is SQL)

- use a notebook or a python recipe

Using only visual recipes in the flow, you can also retrieve the median with a window recipe (to compute the quantiles) but it requires some convolutions afterwards to get the median value back on the rows.


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