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How to create parametrized flows in Dataiku ?

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How to create parametrized flows in Dataiku ?

How to create parametrized flows in Dataiku ? I want to load different datasets based on the input given. I tried creating a plugin from my custom python recipe and defined 3 input variables as per my requirement. Inside the recipe, I am referring to the method available in my project git repo file which I have added under 'Libraries' in Dataiku. But it still gives me the error that it is unable to find that method/module.

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Hi @vaishnavi ,

For "parametrized" flows, there would be several features in DSS that can help you accomplish this if I understand the use case.
1. App-as-recipe: 

2. Plugin recipe: 

You seem to have taken the plugin approach.

Plugins are designed to be packable and stand-alone and run on any DSS instance. This means that you can't import project libraries to plugins. You should use the plugin directory to add your code in the python-lib directory of the plugin itself instead.

You also include requirements for plugins as part of the code environment requirements. 

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