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How to capture DataIKU application metrics

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How to capture DataIKU application metrics

Hi Everyone,

This is my scenario.

We have multiple projects using DataIKU. I want to understand the usage by each project to:

  1. Capture application metrics to understand load on the application as a time series chart.
  2. To identify key KPIs that would help in costing.


Do we have any plug-ins and recipes readily available? 

Thank you 🙂

Operating system used: RHEL

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Hey @laxmi ,


As a start you might want to look into this demo: How to Leverage Compute Resource Usage Data — Dataiku Knowledge Base. You might also want to look into the Dataiku API for additional metrics of interest: Python APIs — Dataiku DSS 11.0 documentation


If you are not the admin of your instance I recommend reaching out to your admin team who might already be capturing the information. They might be using applications such as Sysdig to capture load on Kubernetes containers for example.


Hope this helps!




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