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Get a path to a S3 managed folder + files

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Get a path to a S3 managed folder + files


Is there a way to access a file located in a S3 Managed folder from a path or url ? I would like to send some figures to an external software, and I need an absolute path to the file.

I know how to access the relative path of the file inside the folder using list_paths_in_partition

from dataiku.core.managed_folder import Folder

folder = Folder(folder_id)
folder.upload_stream("test.txt", 'some text')


Which returns /test.txt

But I would also like to get the folder path, getting something like link_to_dss/project/folder/test.txt 

Is there a way to get this link, or any other way to access the contents of the folder from a path ? 

Thanks by advance


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Hi @hugobec,

I recommend using the S3 folder/file path provided by AWS. You cannot generate a link from DSS to access managed folder contents from an external source. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions.



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