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Document generator


Is it possible to create a flow documentation only for a particular flow zone?

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Hi @s_dravid,

Indeed you are correct - using the Flow Document Generator logic would indeed be the best way to accomplish this! I'll go ahead and pass along feedback to our product team that having the flow name available in the document generator placeholders would be helpful for this type of use case.   



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Hi @SarinaS,

Thanks for your response. Appreciate the detailing. However, I would like to say here that it is actually possible to get the documentation only for some of the section of even a flow zone if you want to. You would require a custom template for this.

First Add a "short description" to all the elements like datasets and recipes.

Second In the sample template if you see the datasets section for example there is a placeholder for a 'for' loop, below that you may check for the keyword you provided in the first step.

This way the document will be generated for only the section you wished for. 

But this process is also a little manual in a way. Accordingly, I just wanted to know if somebody knew if there are any placeholders for the zone too. 

The whole intention being to increase the reusability.