DSS slow performance for simple dataset join

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DSS slow performance for simple dataset join

Hello every one,

I am a new user of DSS and I am having performance issue..

Merging the three simple dataset available here : https://academy.dataiku.com/exam-course/498629

is taking a big amount of time : more than a hour ! Am I doing something wrong or is there some configuration that I nedd to check ? I also tried to change the backend.xmx line from 4g to 12g.

Thank in advance

My laptop is an ASUS ROG with i7 and 24Go of RAM.

Operating system used: Linux

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Hello KaxxamHinna,

For this data size, it should not take that long to perform the join. Did you follow the instructions properly? (using the "CO2_and_Oil" dataset as the 'base' for the join + perform a simple left join)



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