Copy dataset across projects

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Copy dataset across projects

We're working on a project, at the beginning we didn't know about version control so we just duplicated it.

I uploaded a lot of information to that duplicated project which wasn't used any longer, it takes a lot to upload so we pretend to save some time by copying the dataset to the correct project. but I can't find a way to do it, besides the Python API but I don't know how to work with partitions.


Any idea of how can I make this move?

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Hi @Echo9k,

If my assumption is correct, you want to duplicate your project but also duplicate your data as well. You can accomplish this by duplicating the project and clicking on Advanced options and selecting "Full Duplication" 

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 9.17.51 PM.png


If this isn't what you're looking to do, can you give more clarification on your use case?

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Hello EliasH,

Thank you for your reply. Lemme explain it a little better.

 We are new to Dataiku so we have a little messy config with 3 projects that reach the same goal

  • Production
  • Duplicated project: Development project [depreciated after we found version control]
  • Branch: [for testing changes]

    Someone wanted to update the info of the Production project but accidentally did it in the duplicated version (discontinued). I want to move this info to the production project.
    is there a way to do this? Basically, I want to replace a dataset with another of the same name.