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Completing date column or Axis

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Completing date column or Axis

Hello all,

I have table with three columns:

Username, Month/Year , count of access

some of users accessed in two months only, so they will have two entries only in this table.

Now, when plotting this table on line chart, those users will have two records only in the chart, is there a way to lock the date axis to show all months/year regardless of the actual number of months containing records?

I mean, I want to see all months in the date axis, and then for any month which does not have access count, it will just put 0.




Operating system used: RHEL

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If you click on the downward arrow next to the axis letter, you can access the axis options.

Here you can specify a manual range between your desired values.


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Hi @ytekaji ,

Is your Month/Year column parsed as a date? If this column is parsed as a date, then the periods containing no data will show up as empty bins on the x-axis of your chart.

For example, in the screenshots below I've removed all data from May 2022 in my dataset to purposefully create a missing chunk like what you describe in your post. My date column is parsed as a date, and my chart has no bars for the May period since there is no corresponding data in the dataset anymore.

Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 10.41.00.png

LMK if this helps!



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