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Cleanup up session using Lots of diskspace.

Cleanup up session using Lots of diskspace.

I've been using DSS since V3 or V4 on my little Macbook Air.

The computer is running out of disk space.

As I've done some investigations I've discovered that the 

DSS_HOME/analytics_date is using 12.5 GB.  I'd like to get a bunch of this space back.

of which in the analytics-data directory there are two older projects each eating up GB of disk space.

These projects were likely created or updated in versions V5 and V6

I'd like to selectively understand where the space is being used and cleanup.


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Are these projects that you are not using anymore ? In this case, you can simply remove these folders.

Else, you'll need to assess for each analysis whether you still need the trained models and saved splits data. You can remove them either directly from the UI or by removing the corresponding folders.

In analysis-data, within each project's folder, thre is one project per visual analysis, and the id matches the id of the analysis visible in the URL in the DSS UI.



First thanks so much for the insights.  I hope you are well.

You insights have made it clear which components in the visual interface connect with stuff stored in the data directories.

I'm intending to use the projects again.

Over the years, I've deleted a number of the sessions from one of my larger projects.

For example, in this project/visual-analysis there is only 1 session with 3 models in the client.

Visual Analytics .jpg

However when I look into the two directories (splits & sessions).  There seem to be 115 split files even though I seem to have only 3 models left in the UI.  I think that I don't understand how when these are being created.


And in the Session Folder, there are lots of sessions hanging out.  All which I think I've deleted from the UI.  Some of which are taking a fair bit of space.


Have I run into a bug or missing feature in an earlier version?

What would I lose if I deleted session directories s1 - s80?

Thanks for your help.