Change an email message priority/importance

Change an email message priority/importance

Hi Everyone,

Would anyone know how to change priority/importance of email that is sent out from Dataiku.
Our team is using the MessageSender class to send custom emails, and we are now trying to see if there is any way we can tag certain emails with priority as High.

If anyone has done something similar or has an idea of some documentation please do guide.


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I don't think you will be able to do this using the built-in MessageSender class as this is just a wrapper which calls a server backend API which doesn't support setting priority:

from dataiku.core import base, flow
import os.path as osp, os, shutil
import json
from dataiku.core.intercom import backend_json_call

class MessageSender():
    This is a handle to interact with a message sender

    def __init__(self, channel_id, type=None, configuration={}):
        self.type = type
        self.channel_id = channel_id
        self.configuration = configuration = None

    def _repr_html_(self,):
        s = "MessageSender[   <b>%s</b>   ]" % (self.channel_id)
        return s

    def get_channel(self):
        if is None:
   = backend_json_call("integration-channels/get", data={
                "id" : self.channel_id

    def send(self, message, variables={}, project_key=None, **kwargs):
        final_params = self.configuration.copy()
        final_params['channelId'] = self.channel_id
        final_params['message'] = message

        if project_key is None or len(project_key) == 0:
            project_key = os.environ.get("DKU_CURRENT_PROJECT_KEY", None)

        data = {
            "projectKey": project_key,
            "messaging" : json.dumps({
                "type" : self.type,
                "configuration" : final_params,
            "variables" : json.dumps(variables)

        return backend_json_call("scenarios/send-message/", data=data, err_msg="Failed to send message")

You can however use the dss-plugin-sendmail, which you can customise at will or even de-pluginise into a custom Python library, and make the required changes on the send_email() function to allow for setting the priority as shown in this SO answer.




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PS: Let me know how it goes as I may want to use the same solution. In the meantime I raised this Product Idea as well:


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