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Can't write Dataframe to Dataset

Level 3
Can't write Dataframe to Dataset

So my current setup I have some .las files in a Managed folder, and I convert them into DataFrames using the library lasio.

After converting them into DataFrames and joining them to one singular DataFrame, I try to write it into the dataset on the other end of the code recipe by running this:




And I get this error

TypeError: ('write_from_dataframe is a expecting a DataFrame object. You provided a DataFrame', AttributeError("'NumericBlock' object has no attribute 'is_datetimetz'"))

 I'm not quite sure why this is happening and would appreciate any help

Operating system used: Ubuntu

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Level 3

I wasn't sure if it was something to do with the library I was using or something I am doing wrong, but I decided to do a small test and it still failed....

LAS = dataiku.Dataset("LAS")

Can someone help me know what I am doing wrong?

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