Bar charts breaks when too many records

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Bar charts breaks when too many records

Hello dear community !

I am trying to use a bar chart to represent my data. I would like to display about 5,000 records but there is a problem when displaying over 800 records.

As we can see on the provided screenshots, when using 858 records, everything works well, but getting to 859 makes it break and we can only see a vertical line on the chart.

I need to tread my X axis as alpha-num as I need it to be ordered according to the Y axis.

Has anyone add the same issue ? Anyway to fix it ?

Thanks !


Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 14.17.46.pngScreenshot 2024-01-18 at 14.17.39.png

Operating system used: Ubuntu 20

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I’ve definitely done graphs with more than 900 records of many different types.  

So, I’d invite you to submit a support ticket to the dataiku support team. This may be some kind of bug.   I also note that dataiku released an update back on 1/12/2024 or so.  I might make sure that I’m on the most recent version of the code before placing the support ticket.  

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