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Access the partition value in Pyspark Recipe

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Access the partition value in Pyspark Recipe

I have a table that is partitioned by date, how can I access the partition date in a pyspark recipe


I tried the following code but does not recognize actual_date"application_id", "product") \
                    .filter(col('actual_date') <= end_date)


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Hi @torbiks ,

How is your dataset partitions are you using Spark partitions  e.g repartition?

DSS partitions and spark partitions are different.

So, you can't reference a DSS partition in Spark directly since only that partition will be available when running a DSS partitioned spark job.

If you need the partitioning, you can add back the partition as a column using the prepare recipe processor:
Then you would be able to use that column you pyspark. 

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