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get_settings() does not exist on DSSDataset

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get_settings() does not exist on DSSDataset


I'm trying to get the settings of a dataset.


In the example, the DSSDataset object yields a DSSDatasetSettings, which can be used for various reasons as I'm going to use it for schema_columns. However, on my environment, the get_settings() call gives the following error:

external_client = dataikuapi.DSSClient(host, api_key)

AttributeError: 'DSSDataset' object has no attribute 'get_settings'

This is quite strange, because the type of the object is exactly as the same as the example.

<class 'dataikuapi.dss.dataset.DSSDataset'>

Can you explain why there can be a difference, and how can I get the dataset settings or the dataset schema?




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Hello, which version of DSS are you using ?

the "get_settings" method has been added in DSS 8.0.

Prior to that, there was a "get_definition" method, that returned the settings as a simple dictionary, which is less powerful than the new "get_settings" that returns an actual object. The "get_definition" has been deprecated starting DSS 8.0.

Hope this helps,

Best regards

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Yes, the version is 7.0.2, so it explains the reason I could not see "get_settings" method.

Thanks for the other solution. It helped a lot!

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