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Storing API keys securely

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Storing API keys securely

Dear Dataiku Team,

Thank you for all your good work with Dataiku environment - we are looking forward to using new functionality with Dataiku 7!

We are now experimenting with builidng API connections in between nodes - I was able to establish the connection using the code from here:


import dataikuapi
host = "http://localhost:11200"
apiKey = "<MY_SECRET_KEY>"
client = dataikuapi.DSSClient(host, apiKey)

# client is now a DSSClient and can perform all authorized actions.


How would you approach the topic of security here: secret key is not very sercret if it is hard coded. Does Dataiku offers some safe way of storing it in the environment? 

Thank you,

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We'd recommend using user secrets:

User secrets are stored encrypted on disk.

Please note however that user secrets are per-user, so each user who wants to use this code needs to enter a key as a user secret (with the same secret name).

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Hi Clément,

Thank you very much for a quick answer - it worked out very well and now we can store the keys safely.

Have a good day,

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