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Rendering of links in Slack Reporters

Level 4
Rendering of links in Slack Reporters

Hi all,

I have a reporter that looks like this:

DSS Scenario <${scenarioRunURL}|${scenarioName}>

But this renders in Slack as:

DSS Scenario <|Weather data>

Why is the link not correctly formatted in Slack? I do have the "Let Slack replace names in the message by links" checked.


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Hi Ben,

The most likely reason is that ${scenarioRunURL} is evaluated as an empty string, and as a consequence Slack does not recognize the whole link as a link.

To ensure that ${scenarioRunURL} returns a correct string, DSS must be configured so that it "knows" its URL from the outside world. For that, go to DSS Administration > Settings > Notification & Integrations and make sure the DSS URL field is correctly filled (i.e. not empty).  You can click on the magic wand to automatically guess the correct value.

Hope this helps,

Level 4

That did it, thank you Arnaud! I was mystified why it worked on the Design node but not on the Automation node 😁