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Product Recency Categorization

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Product Recency Categorization

I have 3 columns ->  USER_ID   ,  PRODUCT_ID   (BOTH NUMERIC)    &&   ORDER_DATE 

I want to generate a field that takes the difference b/w the max(ORDER_DATE) & 2nd max(ORDER_DATE)  in DAYS for the same combination of USER_ID & PRODUCT_ID and stores the result in the new column. 

A sample of the data below: 

Any inputs on the same would be appreciated!


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This is a great use case to use the window recipe:

You can use partition by USER_ID and PRODUCT_ID, order by ORDER_DATE, and use two lags (1,2) to retrieve the "max(ORDER_DATE) & 2nd max(ORDER_DATE)".

Hope it helps,


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Great, that worked beautifully. 

Thank you!

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