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How to save a keras model from a python recipe in a folder ?

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How to save a keras model from a python recipe in a folder ?

I would like to save a keras model in a folder. I can not figure out how to save the weights of my models because I do not find the correct filepath.

The needed code to achieve this goal is :


Even with this syntax :

path = str(trained_LSTM_info['accessInfo']['root'])

model.save_weights(os.path.join(path, 'My_model_weights.h5'))

I can not use the syntax because I am on HDFS : 


Do you have the correct syntax ?

Thank you very much. 





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Keras can only save H5 files to a regular filesystem, not to arbitrary storage locations.

You can either (recommended) switch your managed folder to a local folder, or:

* Save weights to a local file

* Then upload the models file to the managed folder using folder.upload_file(path_of_the_local_file, "path_in_the_managed_folder"). You'll need to use something like that for retrieving the file in the scoring recipe:

with open("localfile", "wb") as out:
with folder.get_download_stream("path-of-the-h5-file") as in:
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The first solution fits my expectations.
Thank you very much
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