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How to remove scientific notation in a column ?

How to remove scientific notation in a column ?
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I have numbers like that in my dataset:

I want to concatenate them but using a normal decimal format such as 0.0008

How can I do that ? I know I can use Python but I'd prefer not to

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You can use the "format" function of the formula language.

This function takes a "printf format string" and applies it to any value.

In your specific case, if you want for example 5 decimal places, use:

format("%.5f", my_column_name)

Format strings are immensely powerful, they allow you to truncate strings, change precision, switch between numerical notations, left-pad strings, pad numbers with zeros, ...

More information about format strings:

DSS formula use the Java variant of format strings:

For more information about formulas, see:


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