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Has anyone figured out how to Map US Census FIPS codes

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Has anyone figured out how to Map US Census FIPS codes

I'm looking at some NYC Times COVID-19 data that provides US Census FIPS codes.

I'd like to Map this data with using DSS.

It has a FIPS code.  No GeoPoints of Lat Lon. 

SO it looks like I have to do some Geo Location work here.

It looks like the Census might have an API to geocode the FIPS codes.

I see this discussion.

Has anyone worked this out.

Is there a Python or R library that would make this easy?

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Hi Tom,

The US Census plugin won't be useful in your context since it enriches data with US Census data not performing reverse geocoding. I believe what you are looking for is here in in the gazetteer files, spot the US Counties :




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Thanks for the suggestion. 

In looking at this several times, I've not found a connection between the fips, codes in the NY Time data and the census data that tells something about the location of the areas.

Maybe I don't really know what a fips code is.  (in the case of the NY times data this looks like it is somehow connected to a county.


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