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Error: Future kernel process died before start, caused by: IOException: Kernel process return code is 1
got this error trying to upload a file for the very first tutorial (t-shirt), orders.csv

this is a new install on Mac OS (latest version)

any ideas? thanks!
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Please use the chat widget on our website, and send a diagnosis of your DSS instance (go to Administration > Maintenance > Diagnostic tool)
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Hello, Dear Support!

How I can get help? I collect data with diagnostic tool and I can't see a chat window.

dataset settingsdataset settingserror while exploringerror while exploring

So, I get same error every time I try to explore my dataset. Settings of dataset depicted on image above. DIrectory


contains 358205 XML-files.

Anyone has idea how I can fix this issue?

Data from  diagnostic tool here:

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