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dataiku azure deployment

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dataiku azure deployment


I'm looking for some information, reference architecture to deploy dataiku on azure app service or container instances. we would like to set up a dev environment for testing the app.

also, any guidance , pros cons etc would be appreciated 

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Below are the options for installing Dataiku on Azure:

  1. From Azure Marketplace
  2. Cloud Stack Installation on Azure

At this point, the recommendation is to set up Dataiku on an Azure VM machine 

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Hi @ashahbazi,

Great! I recommend reading through our dedicated Azure Documentation as well as our documentation on using DSS with containerized execution on AKS as a fully managed Kubernetes solution. To get a more broad understanding of how interaction works between DSS and containers, please see Elastic AI: Concepts.

Please let us know if you have any questions.



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Here is a video explaining the Dataiku architecture:

More info on this page:

In a nutshell you have 3 node types: Designer, Automation and API. Neither of these nodes run on Azure App Service or Azure Container Instances, they need dedicated VMs. Having said that it is possible to execute certain Dataiku workloads in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). 

See the following documentation to understand how that works: