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Shaker-samples in cache section

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Shaker-samples in cache section

Hello in the data/dss/cache directory there is a folder called "shaker-recipes". In this folder there is a directory for each uploaded dataset. In this directory there are 2-3 files (see picture below). Exspecially the ...dssl file is large with about 1 GB for some datasets. It seems like the contents of the dataset are also in this file. If I delete one of these folders i gets created again when I am accessing the dataset.

Can someone explain the purpose of these "shaker-recipe" folder and its subfolders? Can I delete the contents of it?

Thanks in Advance!

Operating system used: Ubuntu

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This folder's pupose is documented here:

As you found out it is there to store data samples which are shown in the Explore tab of each dataset. You can from time to time delete old folders but I wouldn't delete everything since it will slow down users when they Explore datasets in their flow, until the samples get regenerated.

And in my system the cache folder wasn't that big and well below other directories that grow much bigger (run, uploads, exports, scenarios and jobs) so quite low in the priority list of  the things that need to cleaned up manually by a Dataiku Admin.

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