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Set up DSS on-prem

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Set up DSS on-prem

Hello! My company does not have its own servers 'on-premise' in the canonical sense, we have our clusters on IBM Cloud and our infrastructure team manages hardware and software applications over there.

Can we set up a commercial DSS plan (Discover/Business/Enterprise) in such an environment? We were thinking about, for example, running a docker image of DSS on Kubernetes/Openshift if possible. 

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Hi @RohitRanga ,

DSS can be installed on supported Linux distributions and we recommend using a dedicated VM. 

You can also use Openshift as an execution engine :

If you want to install DSS itself in a container this would typically be incompatible with using Kubernetes as an engine :

Let us know if you have any questions also this should be a topic to discuss further with Sales Engineers or Architects. 

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