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Regarding setting up API node

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Regarding setting up API node
Hi team
In the scenario, we have to call python API in other remote applications which will send data over parameters to the python function created on an endpoint and after processing on those parameters need to send the result back to other applications.
Currently, I am using a free enterprise DSS instance.

I have created a python function within api deployer endpoint also I have published it with v1 version
I have a question regarding infrastructure
1) while setting up api node its asking me for a licence.json file where do I get that?
2) which API node URL needs to be passed within the infrastructure so that my function will be accessible from the outside application?

I have gone through reference documentation I found it bit difficult to understand as there is no practical examples included.
Can you please help me with this
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Hi Akshay,

If you already have an Enterprise trial version of DSS you should already have your license.json.  Please note that the Free Community edition does include the Real-time prediction API nodes.

1) The license.json is under in  DATA_DIR/config/license.json on the design node. 

2) The URL would need to be the IP/URL where the API node can be reached from the API deployer. For example http://IP-OR-URL:PORT

That URL you access the API node with does not need to be the same you can use a public or add a reverse proxy in front the API nodes as needed so other applications can reach the API nodes. 

For a practical example please see:

Hope this helps!

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Hi Alex
I used same license.json file from DATA_DIR/config/
I am getting following error:


Executing following command:

dataiku-dss-9.0.1/ -t api -d /home/ubuntu/dir_created/ -p 9100 -l /home/ubuntu/DATA_DIR/config/license.json

which says license does not cover API node usage



Thank you

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Just to clarify the Free edition with Advanced feature (trial) which you activate from DSS  "Start 2 Week Trial" does include an API node trial. 

See :

To get access to a license that includes the ability to please contact us via 

 One of our representatives will be in touch in order to set up your full DSS Enterprise evaluation and this new license will allow the installation of API nodes. 

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