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Not able to launch Dataiku from EC2 instance

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Not able to launch Dataiku from EC2 instance
Hello,I already have an AWS account and have already used several EC2 instance while learning Hadoop.
The problem is I followed the guide for configuring Dataiku in AWS but while I am launching the EC2 Instance public address in chrome, the connection is not getting established and is displayed as "This site can't be reached" in the browser.I have verified  that I am using the same Public instance address in the chrome browser to launch as is the instance public IP address returned by the EC2 launch instance wizard.
Attaching a word file containing the screenshots for better understanding.
Thank You.
FYI: I am using Dataiku for the very first time and trying to configure the same in AWS.I am not sure if I need to have a enterprise license or I can use the free version as a student once the portal launches in browser.
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Hi there,

welcome to Dataiku!

Looks like you are having issues with AWS Security group, which are not allowing your browser to access the VM you set up in AWS (which is the default behaviour, even if you have a public IP). 

Please have a look here, we provide a quickstart AMI you can use to test DSS. You need to make sure your IP is allowed to communicate with DSS in AWS, you can find more info here.

Take care,

Architect @Dataiku

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Yes Thanks.The issue is now resolved.

A banner prompting to get Dataiku DSS