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Monitoring CPU, RAM and Disk usage of DSS instance

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Monitoring CPU, RAM and Disk usage of DSS instance



I need to monitor the resources usage of our DSS Instance VM (Linux, v8.0.1) after 2 crashes this month.


I have followed the dkumonitor installation documentation, and the connection works fine. However, I can't find on the documentation, or on the dkumonitor repository, where to look at to get CPU / RAM / Disk usage (and others if relevant to monitor).


I have more or less randomly found:

- dss.{instance}.collectd.memory.used -> RAM ?

dss.{instance}.backend.server.jvm.memory.heap.used -> not sure what this is, or if it is really useful to monitor ?

-  dss.{instance}.collectd.cpu.*.percent.user (and same +.system) -> CPU usage ?

- For storage I couldn't find anything yet.


I am wondering if I am setting the correct paths to monitor these parameters ?

Thank you for your support


(You can find screenshots of dkumonitor+grafana results.

VM config = 32CPU, ~60Gb RAM, Disk size unknown)


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