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Install a new DSS instance with existing nginx

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Install a new DSS instance with existing nginx

Hi Guys,

I want to install a new DSS instance with an existing nginx installed server but I can't fogure out how to do it in the documentation? 


Have you any idea about that? 



Thank you in advance!

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I do not know how to answer your specific question.  I will share this long post on setting up SSL for DSS.

In that post, I think I understand that there are two files used to configure DSS nginx and localhost Nginx.  The one is controlled in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf and the /etc/nginx directory.  The are other files in the DSS_DATA directory that have an impact on this.  To get SSL to work I had to tell the DSS Nginx server to only talk to the host wide Nginx reverse proxy server.  

I also found this page of SOME additional help.

That said you may need some support from the support team on these issues.  I know that I did.  

There are my $0.02.  Hope this is a little bit of help.

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